Parking Lot Mass

Official information regarding Parking Lot Masses at Our Lady of Peace

NOTE:  Mass Readings are at the bottom of the page, scroll down... 

Quick Summary:

  • In order to be allowed to hold Mass in the Parking Lot, we are being directed by the State and Township government as well as the Diocese for all instructions below.  Your adherence is appreciated.
  • 8 am Mass will be held on Facebook as normal, on Father's Facebook page.  There is no Communion after this Mass.
  • 9:30 am Mass will be held in the Church Parking Lot, please follow directions below and from the parking lot attendants. 
  • 11:00 am Mass will be held in the Church Parking Lot, please follow directions below and from the parking lot attendants. 


The State, Township and Diocese have approved our parking lot Masses. SUNDAYS @ 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM . Please be aware that certain criteria must be met for us to continue to host the Mass.

     We are limited as to how many cars we can allow at each service. We are allowed parking only in every other space to keep compliant with social distancing rules. So attendance will be on a first come first served  basis.  With that in mind we are suggesting you plan to arrive as much as a half hour early. If you miss the opportunity to attend the Parking Lot service due to the lot being full you’ll still be able to view the Facebook Mass posted at 8 am on Father’s FaceBook.

     There will be volunteers on hand to direct you to an available parking space. To maximize available spaces to be utilized we may direct you to a space that is not usually a legal space. The route 130 entrance to the parking lot will be CLOSED. Please use the Washington Avenue entrance only. You will be directed to form a line that wraps around the parish center which will ensure that any lines will be contained within our parking lot and not on the highway or side streets. For everyone’s safety and in keeping compliant with the guidelines set forth by the State we ask that you take the next available space as directed and remain there until you are directed to leave.

      When Mass is over you will be directed to the Communion stations one row at a time. For the safety of our volunteers you are asked to process out with your row whether receiving Communion or not.  No one is permitted to leave or exit their vehicle at any point during the Mass, this includes Communion. The Eucharistic Minister will come to your window. Everyone will be required to leave via the route 130 exit. Volunteers will be there to ensure everyone a swift and safe exit.

      We will have a speaker that can be heard from the back of the lot if your car windows are open. We are endeavoring to also broadcast to your radio on an FM station. We will test this out for the first time Saturday before the first Mass. We plan to use station 91.3FM but we may need to change that and will post it on signs, the Website and FaceBook page as soon as possible.  Should you use your car radio please be mindful of the following; it is a state law that cars cannot run idle for more than 3 minutes, older or damaged car batteries may not be able to run without the engine running for the entire mass time and still have enough energy to start the car. It might be wise to bring a battery-operated radio just in case.

      We have been asked to ensure that all attendees for Mass are in the parking lot. We don’t want to disturb the neighbors any more than the volume of our speaker which may already disturb them. And to be sure that groups are not congregating around the edges of the lot on the grass everyone must stay in their cars. We have also included a simple line drawing to help visualize the above description, please see below with the volunteer information. Many of you have asked if there will be a collection; a box will be available at both Communion stations NOTE: Eucharistic Ministers are not permitted to take your envelop so that their gloves remain sanitized so a parking lot attendant will offer a box for you to drop it in.

Please be patient with us as we work out the kinks.

The first run will undoubtedly be a learning experience for all of us.

We need VOLUNTEERS moving forward:

  • ·         For Each Mass we would like to have 8 parking lot attendants
  • ·         1 Lector
  • ·         1 Alter Server
  • ·         1 Eucharistic Minister

We ask that you email Alicia to volunteer at office (at) to volunteer.  

     Every Volunteer will be required to arrive at least ½ hour before Mass wearing gloves and a mask. All volunteers are asked to keep the 6 feet of social distance at all times. Several parking lot attendees will be permitted to sit in cars with their families if attending but we are asking the volunteers traveling alone to please be sure to park in the back of the church to leave as many spaces as possible for attendees. The volunteer at the entrance will have a chair and can remain there the entire Mass be sure to bring sun guard/hat. The Volunteer at the stop sign and near the garbage bin (on either side of the Parish Center) may bring a lawn chair to remain in place during the mass.  The additional roaming volunteers and front property volunteers may also bring a chair but must be sure to keep socially distant and must remain/return to their posts when cars are moving. (a good place to leave your chairs will be the front row since no one will be parking there or the doors of the Parish center if you’re on the 130 side of the lot.) Volunteers who wish to receive communion should see Father before Mass if it’s the 9:30 Mass and After Mass if it’s the 11 am Mass. 

The 2 or 3 lot attendants ushering people to their spaces will need to select 1 for directing rows to leave. (1st in = 1st out) and the remaining one or 2 will need to move to the communion stations to help collect envelopes with a box provided.

The entrance lot attendant will need to count 63 cars and once 63 have entered must place the sign up stating that the lot is FULL.

The 130 entrance attendant simply directs people to the Washington Ave entrance.

The Traffic attendant in the back or rather 130 side of the Parish Center is to ensure that no one enters through the exit, and directs traffic around the Parish Center. 

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