Music Ministry

Use your gifts to Praise Him! Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy. Psalm 33:3

At Our Lady of Peace, we believe that praise and worship are an active, dynamic, integral link between God and His
people. This ministry seeks to serve Him humbly in a spirit of excellence through music and to lead others into His
presence so that we glorify God as one body with one voice through one Spirit. Opportunities to be a part of this
ministry are available for those gifted with musical ability and have the desire to serve.

The OLOP Youth Choir
Young parishioners between grades 3 through 8 who enjoy singing are encouraged to join the Youth Choir.

Fall Rehearsals: Thursday nights 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM starting first week of October. Youth must have good pitch
ability. Cooperation with parents and children to commit to rehearsals and worship events is very important. No
audition is required.

Performance: 5:30PM Saturday CCD Masses (6), Christmas Eve 5:30PM Mass, Epiphany Mass (with Adult Choir)
First Communion Masses, Mother's Day (with Adult Choir)

The OLOP Adult Choir.
We are always excited to have new faces in the Adult Choir. Choir members rehearse each week and learn their voice
parts for weekend liturgies, future holy days and feast days. High school, college students, and adults are encouraged
to join us.
Rehearsal - Thursday nights - 8 PM - 10:00 PM during the school year.
Performance: weekly 11:15AM Mass, major feast days and Christmas and Easter Week.
Ability to read music is a plus, but not required. An informal audition is recommended. Contact the director to set up
an appointment.

Parishioners with musical talent on instruments (flute, trumpet, violin, etc.) add a beautiful texture to the choir
Masses. We welcome anyone who wishes to share their musical gift at OLOP Masses. An audition is required.
Contact the director to discuss.

To join the music ministry, we request that you:
  • Be an actively participating member of Our Lady of Peace
  • Be actively pursuing a close relationship with the Lord
  • Be teachable and able to receive direction from leadership
  • Commit to 6 months of music ministry
  • Complete interview/audition
  • Attend weekly rehearsals in the church each week
Music Ministry Contact

Joe Suchocki – Choir Director/Organist
jsuchocki (@)