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Welcome to Our Lady of Peace Religious Education Program

OLoP Religious Education will be closed from Dec 21st - Jan 9th for the holidays.


On January 10th/16th - classes will be virtual.  Stay tuned to the weekly bulletin and this website for more updates on the rest of next years classes.

Volunteer opportunities for Religious Education include:  Teaching, Online Assistants, eve clerical..  If you have some time to give the youth of our Parish, please let me know via email .. 

Alicia DeFrange

Director of Faith Formation (religioused (at)

Our Lady of Peace Religious Education Program is a volunteer program made up of men and women dedicated to their faith, the parish family of Our Lady of Peace, and your children.

You have selected a Roman Catholic Education Program for your child.  This program teaches the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, upholds current documents, including The Catechism of the Catholic Church, and utilizes Diocesan programs to train catechists.  This program is a supplement to the Religious Education your children receive at home.

We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you and your children.

Our Director of Religious Education is Alicia DeFrange, and she can be reached via email at:  religioused (at) ..  

NOTE:  We do regularly email parents with information about Religious Education, if you are not receiving them, please send an email with your name, and your childs name and grade to religioused (at) ..  Thank you !!


In order to ensure we have enough resources for our children (books, teachers, etc.,), registrations are to be sent in NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1st.  Registration will be allowed from August 1 – August 31st but will be at a cost of $100 per child. After September 1st, registration will be accepted as space is available. 

NOTE:  Due to the COVID situation, prices are the "early bird special", please see the registration form for specifics.

Thank you,

Father Mike

NOTEThere are downloadable files available, please go to the Parish Forms page - click here

 AttendanceAttendance is extremely important.  There are a limited number of classes and, therefore, each one is critical.  If there is a situation that impacts your child’s ability to attend classes, please speak with your child’s teacher, Alicia or Father Mike.  We recognize the tremendous demands placed on everyone and it is our sincere desire to provide assistance if there is a problem preventing your child’s attendance.  This is especially important during a sacrament year in order for your child to receive the proper preparation.

 Holy Days of ObligationClasses that fall on a Holy Day of Obligation, the mass will serve as the scheduled class time.  Attendance at the mass is expected for children scheduled for class that day.

 Class Liturgies Grades 3-8 will have a class liturgy as part of their Religious Education curriculum.  Participation is voluntary and we do our best to include as many children who want to participate.  For grades 3 and 4, practices will be held the Wednesday evening prior to the scheduled mass from 7:00 to 7:30 pm for mass participants only.  For grades 5 to 8, practices will be held during the Wednesday evening class time prior to the scheduled mass.

All mass participants (lector, readers, ushers, gift bearers) are required to attend practice.  If unable to attend practice, a replacement will be assigned.

All students in the class are expected to attend the class liturgy.